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We understand branding, the Big Idea, we innovate and create, from concept to completion at the intersection of digital, and A. I. providing brand equity with the most formidable impact for our clients, customers and strategic alliances.


A top dog in the multimedia and branding universe. WoofMoon optimizes conventional, and interactive brand equity to develop entertaining, memorable and compelling campaign to increase brand's awareness.


Are people going out of their way to recite your ad, eagerly share your social media approaches, or proudly showing off your logo, website integration and package design to the world—you just helped build your brand.

Brand Development

WoofMoon optimizes conventional, and interactive brand equity to develop entertaining, memorable and compelling campaign to increase your brand's market value.
Let us tell your story — Who and how we can help.
Start Ups
We elevate a new company that's introducing innovation to the marketplace. This is a true challenge for those who believe that traditional marketing can propel a brand into the marketplace without establishing an educational program with a go to market strategy that is well thought out, understanding the competition (there is always a competitor) regardless if you believe that your product is first to market. What is your go to market strategy, who are your initial primary targets, are you seeking investment and what are your 
Bringing established companies to a new level by
re-brandings the creative design with a convincing message.
Media Channels
From websites to social media we find the most effective, cost effective routes to reach the ideal customers. We often develop a new and innovative media outlet tailored to your service or product
Big MadAve Agencies
We will often help out big Madison Avenue anabaena 
to pull out their creative in a new direction or expand
what they already have. We often also help with pitches and winning new business.

Marketing & Strategic Alience

We strategically build an iconic image that specifically communicates your brand. It's the first element that customers see and identify with when they first encounter a brand and we plan on making a memorable first impression which customers can bond, build trust and earn brand loyalty and in most cases become emotional connectioned.

Corporate ID

The goal of social media integration is to increase the level of connection between a website and the brand’s individual social media channels. This not only helps direct traffic to and from the website but also creates a more professional and consistent digital presence.

Website Integration & Social Media


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