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How does the mind communicate with the brain?

Motor neurons carry messages away from the brain to the rest of the body relaying information to each other through a complex electrochemical process, making connections that affect the way you think, learn, move, and behave.

It's a selfless act to be selfish about mental illness. Our special community is just that, 'special' and it requires the respect, compassion and attention necessary to discover a more meaningful way of life. Inspiring others to seek therapy while encouraging yourself to become more involved. Regardless of how much help that can be achievable, if you're a parent a relative or even a friend, too much is never enough even if you're present. Sometimes the silence, can be extremely effective when they know that you're nearby to help should they need it. Be proactive and connected but more importantly, be in the know, document and praise positive movement and acknowledge the conquering of milestones out loud.

Mental illness is an extended developmental process, the right nutrients and managed persistence can be incredibly rewarding. This is the Warrior Mindset™.


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Passion For Compassion™  —

All across the America, people are proactive and hopeful of bringing about everlasting changes. Helping those with disabling conditions to live more meaningful lifestyles make it possible for the rest of the world possible for the rest of the world to enjoy the same luxury like closed caption television initially created for the hearing impaired also provided a voice for patrons attending sports pubs to enjoy television without being distracted by the loud music. Office workers can also follow their favorite stocks while working out at the gym and parents can enjoy pushing a stroller up a ramp instead of hoisting child and stroller up flights of stairs. We are encouraged to add to this process of helping those with disabling conditions help us all live better and more meaningful lives through support, innovation and education. This is Ziggie and Zach's Passion for Compassion Program.

Unconventionally Capeable: Ambition drives us to take the initiative to better ourselves in spite of our physical and emotional setbacks. It’s in our nature to strive to become true champions of society. This medallion personifies the true value of those who go beyond the scope of our natural abilities. These are truly remarkable people who inspire others to reach for their ‘Capeable' hights to potentially accomplish their goals (capeable is purposely misspelled to emphasis the unusual). 

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Z&Zach Theme Song 30sec Instrumental (Bounce 1)Tony Memmel
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I was led to believe that a true leader leads by example—not to make an example of others but to fervently communicate with conviction and sincerity. Any other form of leadership is not acceptable particularly in today's society and my young daughter just wouldn't have it any other way. She was just three years old and ahead of her time so I made every effort to be clear and encourage her to understand that dreams can only be realized and fulfilled when they are met with ambition, focus and determination. A person can accomplish just about anything when they become passionate and set their mind to reach their goals and her response was...

"that's great daddy, is there anything that you really wanted to do but haven't."


Coming from her, It was a tougher question than I expected but it didn't surprise me so I answered back.


"My greatest weakness, and my greatest challenge was to put words together that encouraged people to want to read what I wrote, and I always wanted to write a book" and she replied...


"why not just do it then... you can do it if you put your mind to it, right Dad?"


For a brief moment I thought, "who is educating who here" however, this was the inspiration that created Ziggie and Zach and if it didn't have merit, to her, it didn't have substance, so here we are. My hope is that it inspires you as it has done for me and for my daughter.

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Terms and Conditions
An advanced and special thank you for any interest and consideration in supporting this program. Any and all donations, regardless of the amount, are greatly appreciated. The funding will be used to help to support the launch of an organization that will begin with a publishing of a paginal theatre (manuscript) to help provide the necessary voice in support of mental health and those with disabilities (which I refer to as capeabilities) which was written and created predominately to help children with disabling conditions and their families, help to better understand the signs of mental health issues, and making an extra effort to help veterans who were compromised while in service and for the families of those who have fallen in their efforts to protect our freedom ( the warrior mindset).
It is important to note that this is not a charitable registered organization and donations are non-tax-deductible, and non-refundable with recommendations to consult with your accountant regarding the same. Capital funding is needed to ultimately grow this organization to become a funding engine to help this cause. The Evolution of Ziggie and Zach and the ‘Warrior Mindset’ composed to grow this venture which also includes the evolution of innovation and the development of patents (pending approval) associated with Research and Development (R&D) of proprietary predestined technology developed in an effort to find solutions and help those with disabling conditions, mental health and their families. 
With this same concept, and full disclosure, a go-fund-me page will eventually be hastened at the appropriate time which will be shared pending representation and council approval may share limited information on this website, based on interests and growth of this invaluable program that needs to succeed.
The donations will also be used to benefit associated charities of the same (handicapped children and veterans, and mental health) dispensed specifically through WoofMoon's discretion which needs to be clear, concise and safe from any potential miscommunication and within the legal guidelines of accepting funds regardless if it's personal, organizational, institutional or otherwise. 
Your donation is confirmation that these terms and conditions have been read, understood, and accepted by all parties involved. 


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