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"Your best idea is the one that you finally exercise and develop to bring to market or it simply remains as a concept; not meant to be born to begin with."

                                                                                                   —Paul Amelio




Every pitch is an evolutionary process that educates while allowing the opportunity to interface with sophisticated investors who either know what they are looking for or have a specific investment to make. In most cases, they will provide their evaluation like they do on Shark Tank. Having said that, there are also investors that may have great interest in your pitch but not a good fit. Regrettably, there are investors in the room that could become an 800lbs gorilla if you’re enthusiasm is specifically geared towards an investment without fully vetting and researching the history and potential investor and if they may or may not be the right fit. I believe that innovation is more valuable than the investment but the perfect relationship is when there is mutual appreciation expedited with the association of a responsible legal team to secure any potential risks.

I am a professional pitch adviser who’s has built businesses with keen, first-hand experience creating a startup technology company developed to aid in the reduction of stress on the power grid using M2M communication with an Alpha ready manufactured product interfacing with New York ICorps in collaboration NYU Tandon School of engineering and IBM’s Bluemix team on a blockchain network via a Zigbee protocol to interface and transmit data through a mesh network of A.I. components. I raised $6.8M from accredited investors, brought together a strategic team of high level executives, including a team engineers, scientists, software full stack developers, wire frame engineers, and a strategic legal team to establish and secure 11 patents with more than 280 patent claims.

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Those who have experienced building their own business and startup understand this. Lead your team, Ignite change, make calculated pivots without reservation, and accelerate transformation and applaud  positive traction. As a startup and as a stale corporation needing to restructure, bold decisions are necessary to build confidence, trust to gain that independence from each department leader who looks to you for lead support and growth.  By connecting leadership and employees in a shared effort, you can get your business to where it needs to be with each secured milestone. Amelio has conceived a growing number of patent claims in addition to the SuperGrid; his goal is to contribute to society in ways that benefit the community through revolutionary ideas developed into technology measures with the intent to reinvigorate the economic and environmental climates with positive, expeditious and progressive programs.


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